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Warming Up to “Frozen” on Once Upon a Time

Throughout the entire summer I was dreading the incorporation of the Frozon arc; however, this episode served as a huge relief.

The CGI wasn’t god-awful given the lack of time that the show had to develop Pabbie and Marshmellow and I adore all of the new Frozen-arc actors! Elizabeth is a spot-on adorable portrayal of Anna; Georgina wasn’t over the top as Elsa and embodied a lot of her underlying quirks from the movie; and I just squealed from the cuteness during the Kristoff and Sven scene. I cannot wait to see Hans now!

Just realized that in about a half hour, livebloggers are going to flood Tumblr with feed from the new episode… and I have to wait until tomorrow to watch the episode…

Anonymous asked: Finnicksgirl72: Never Seas update??? Yes!!! Something to look forward to after my meeting tonight! :D

Just posted it! Sorry I made you wait so long, hope you like :)